Infrared Themography

Infrared thermography is an excellent condition monitoring tool to assist in the reduction of maintenance costs on mechanical equipment. The technique allows monitoring of temperatures and thermal patterns, while equipment is online and running under full load. Most mechanical equipment has allowable operating temperature limits that can be used as guidelines.
Unlike many other test methods, infrared can be used on a wide variety of equipment, including: pumps, motors, bearings, pulleys, fans, drives, conveyors etc. This section will explain the benefits of Infrared Thermography, as a condition monitoring tool for plant mechanical systems.
We will highlight a few uses of infrared thermography as applied to analysis of mechanical equipment.
Infrared thermography is an electronic technique that allows us to see thermal energy. With this new capability plant maintenance personnel have recognized infrared thermography as one of the most versatile and effective condition monitoring tools available, today. Thermal imaging enhances a company's ability to predict equipment failure and plan corrective action, before a costly shutdown, equipment damage, or personal injury occurs.